802.11ax Stadium Wifi Improvements Boost Fan Engagement

Derek Mehraban

Upping the game in stadium WiFi access

If 2017 was the year sports team owners and their stadiums started understanding that many fans virtually live and breathe on their smartphones and esport teams became the new “team” team owners needed to buy, then 2018 is going to be the year stadiums are really going to ensure a fantastic stadium wifi experience for their fans.

This is the year manufacturers of 802.11ax wifi are going to make this new standard of wireless available to stadiums and other open, high-density public spaces. This “new” wireless is predicted to improve fans’ access to wifi and increase wifi access speeds 4 to 10 times.

And it’s about time! Why, you ask? Because outside of just posting on basic social media platforms during a game…..

Fan engagement apps are huge!

How big is huge? How about fan loyalty apps now numbering in the thousands?! That’s “yugely bigly” by anyone’s standards. And the better the wifi, the better the loyalty app experience for your fans.

In fact, as 2018 progresses fan loyalty apps are going to grow ever more, because as stadium wifi grows ever stronger and faster the ways fans can use those engagement apps are going to explode:

  • While your fans are engaging with other fans on your team’s loyalty app, they’re also going to engage with fans of their favorite esport teams on that esport team’s app. After all, esports today more and more “mimic traditional sports.” (Make sure your esport team has its own fan engagement platform!)
  • Augmented reality is going take over loyal fans this year, helping them become even more lovingly fanatic toward your team. After all, if you love Michigan State University Spartan football, the chance to “be” right on the field with QB Brian Lewerke and the rest of the team is going to be an experience you are not going to want to pass up. Over and over and over and over again! And you’re going to want to share and talk about those experiences with other Spartan fans via the team’s engagement app.
  • Player and day-of-game tracking data means predictive analysis is going to blast off this year, allowing fans to make extremely well-informed decisions when it comes to choosing their players for their fantasy leagues. Your league’s own fan engagement platform can help ensure your fans do so with you, helping them stay extremely engaged with your league (and the offers and advertising you provide them on the app).

Fantelope helps your sports team – whether its college, pro, fantasy, or esport – grow exceptionally engaged fans.

Whether you’re looking to invest with us, purchase our platform for your team, download our free case study to see how we’ve helped our loyalty app clients engage their fans.

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