Watching Your Team at Your Rival’s Stadium? Be a Great Guest!

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It’s fall. Summer was great–nice and (often too) warm and the beach was terrific. But fall? Fall is epic. Fall is FOOTBALL!!! 

Own it: it’s what you’ve been waiting for since mid-January. And, if you’ve been using your team’s fan engagement app for months to stay engaged, we salute you!

So you plan on going to a few games. Home games of course if you live nearby (maybe a special trip to go home if you don’t). But if you live far from your team’s stadium, perhaps when your beloved team visits, you’ll head to the venue near you.

In other words, you’re going to watch your team – your blood brothers – play in the belly of the beast: a rival’s stadium.

Show Those Rival Fans How It’s Done!

Of course you can root for your team with abandon. Of course you could certainly tease your rival’s fans when your team makes a great play, so long as you do it gently and in good humor (and if they’re up for it).  But obnoxious? Nasty? Obscene?

No. We know you love your team. We know you want to root for them. And root hard. We understand how difficult it can be to be surrounded by gloating fans of your team’s rival, especially if they know you’re with their opponent, their team is doing well and their mother never taught them how to be a gracious winner.

But remember: you’re a guest in their home field. Put another way – and keeping in mind that your opponent team’s fans love their team as much as you love yours – you’re in their house. You’re a guest in their home

And as such, you need to be a great guest.

Stadium Guest Etiquette 101

  • Remember, it truly is just a game. Enjoy the spectacle of highly trained, exceptional athletes doing what they do best, but always keep in the back of your mind that the game will be over soon and your regular life will resume. Win or lose, your team’s results will have absolutely no bearing on your life and say nothing at all about you.
  • When you visit a friend’s home, you no doubt act politely. If you disagree with your host about something, you certainly can say so, but you need to do so with respect. If you tease your host about his or her viewpoints, it must be done gently, in “good fun” and if you see that your host has taken umbrage – even if you feel he “shouldn’t” – you need to apologize, quickly and sincerely. The same goes when you’re visiting the stadium of your team’s rival: be polite!
  • The greatest stadium guests compliment an opposing player’s or team’s great play when warranted.
  • Great game guests never complain about a rival stadium’s seats, foods, employees, facilities, etc. If your stadium is better, keep it to yourself. In fact, if sitting near and chatting with hometown fans, find at least one thing to compliment the stadium about: even small gestures of goodwill can go a long way to tamping down any ire that may rise between you and rival fans.
  • Watch your alcohol intake.


In a nutshell, being a great guest is really all about being a good sport and representing the best that your school or team’s fanbase can be. When the game is over, win or lose, you want the opposing fans to say “That team played us tough! And their fans? Those guys are cool!”

We mentioned fan engagement apps, above. If you’ve never tried one, we urge you to consider ours. Download the Fantelope mobile app now, encourage your friends to do so and just see who is the biggest fan of your favorite team.

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