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New Year + National Championship Rematch

Clemson Tigers Look for Revenge in Tampa We hope you’re having a happy new year!  As it turns out, though, 2016 has some unfinished business to contend with… namely, the 3rd College Football Playoff National Championship.  Are you ready for the event of the season?  This year, we’re stoked to Join the Herd and watch a […]


Watching Your Team at Your Rival’s Stadium? Be a Great Guest!

It’s fall. Summer was great–nice and (often too) warm and the beach was terrific. But fall? Fall is epic. Fall is FOOTBALL!!!  Own it: it’s what you’ve been waiting for since mid-January. And, if you’ve been using your team’s fan engagement app for months to stay engaged, we salute you! So you plan on going […]


Hack the Tailgate: 7 Steps to an Epic Event

Just as with clothing, the food, activities, accessories, etc. of a tailgating party go in and out of “fashion.” What’s more, many people take days – weeks! – to put together the perfect tailgate event. This must stop and stop now. Hack That Tailgate! To help you hack your next tailgate like nobody’s business, we’ve […]