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Michigan Angel Investors and Startup Investors

Fantelope is now raising early stage seed investing and looking for a few good angel investors in Michigan and beyond. As you can imagine, fundraising and investment at this early stage is hard to come by. Fantelope is an early stage product and though we had some great success with our first use cases this investment […]


Watching Your Team at Your Rival’s Stadium? Be a Great Guest!

It’s fall. Summer was great–nice and (often too) warm and the beach was terrific. But fall? Fall is epic. Fall is FOOTBALL!!!  Own it: it’s what you’ve been waiting for since mid-January. And, if you’ve been using your team’s fan engagement app for months to stay engaged, we salute you! So you plan on going […]


Can’t Get Service in Sports Stadiums? The Solution is Underway.

It’s Saturday and you’re sitting in the lower balcony of the stadium to root for your favorite college football team. Sometime during the game, you find yourself standing on the bleachers screaming because you just witnessed the greatest play of your life. Your mind is racing and you had to let your friends and the […]


Major League Sports Teams Losing Fans at the Highest Rate

Sports attendance is volatile. The number of fans attending sports venues changes on a regular bases depending on how well the teams are doing. For some teams, this isn’t a problem with occasional rise and fall. However for some teams, they experienced attendance drought for several years. Top 10 major league teams with the most […]