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Fan Attendance: Why is it Declining?

Are sports teams everywhere really running out of fans? We’ve all seen recent reports from major leagues, most notably the NFL but also NBA and NASCAR, that show a decline in fan attendance. Live sports are tons of fun – for rabid sports fanatics, but also for the average Joe and Jane.  Joe may not […]


Watching Your Team at Your Rival’s Stadium? Be a Great Guest!

It’s fall. Summer was great–nice and (often too) warm and the beach was terrific. But fall? Fall is epic. Fall is FOOTBALL!!!  Own it: it’s what you’ve been waiting for since mid-January. And, if you’ve been using your team’s fan engagement app for months to stay engaged, we salute you! So you plan on going […]


Why Choose Fantelope as Your Fan Engagement App?

Fan Engagement App for College and Pro Teams As an Athletic Director or Fan Engagement Manager, you’re always looking for ways to provide new and exciting ways to engage your team’s fans. But between event promos, social media, gameday operations and many other engagement tactics, it’s hard to maintain a consistent and coordinated effort at […]


Current Female Athletes That You Can’t Beat

Are men’s sports better than women’s sports? Do women’s sports get less media coverage? Why do female athletes make less money than their male counterparts? We don’t have the answers to these questions but we do know for certain that the following female athletes could easily beat you in their sport. Missy Franklin As a […]