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Follow Fantelope on Twitter

Fantelope is about to launch the 2.0 version of our sports fan app. And to prepare we are ramping up our Twitter presence to build followers so we can get the word out to Fantelope fans upon launch. The Fantelope Twitter is for all sports, just like Fantelope. We follow, RT, and share content for […]


One App to Rule Them All

One sports app that has all your teams? Yes. Fans don’t want one app for each team. Fans want all their teams in one app. Fantelope was created for sports fans to give them one app to connect and engage with all their favorite teams. The Ultimate Sports Tech Mobile App If you are a […]


College Football’s Winning Streaks, Lucky Plays and Amazing Records

Fans love stats. Rabid fans, “just plain” fans, fair-weather fans… we all love statistics.  And what are the absolute tops when it fun facts? Records, long winning streaks and exceptional, fortuitous plays. So here you are: Fantelope’s own (short) round up of some of the best stats for college football. Oklahoma Sooners Enjoy the Longest Division 1 […]


Michigan vs. Ohio State: A Wicked Rivalry

Saturday, November 26, 2016 is a date to remember.  It marks the match-up between #3 Michigan and #2 Ohio State – a century-old rivalry called by many simply “The Game.”  It will be held in Columbus, Ohio this year, broadcast at 12:00pm (EST) on ABC.   Image Credit: “GO BLUE” by Slippy Slappy on Flickr (license) A […]