College Football’s Winning Streaks, Lucky Plays and Amazing Records

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Fans love stats. Rabid fans, “just plain” fans, fair-weather fans… we all love statistics.  And what are the absolute tops when it fun facts? Records, long winning streaks and exceptional, fortuitous plays. So here you are: Fantelope’s own (short) round up of some of the best stats for college football.

Oklahoma Sooners Enjoy the Longest Division 1 Winning Streak Ever

You’d have to go back more than 60 years to experience the fun of watching the Sooners enjoy a four-year and 47-game winning streak. The team kept winning games between 1953 and 1957, finally seeing their streak end on November 7, 1957 when Notre Dame defeated them 7-0.

The Sooners’ streak included three perfect seasons.

The second-longest college football winning streak occurred more than 40 years before, with the Washington Huskies winning 40 games between 1908-1914, finally broken with a tied game against the Oregon State Beavers.

No other Division 1 college football team has enjoyed a winning streak of more than 35 games since the Sooners’ incredible run.

Count the Laterals

It’s hard to pick the best lucky play when it comes to college football – there are many – but consensus for the best seems to be Trinity College’s (of Texas) 15 laterals in one 71-yard play.  It resulted in the game-winning touchdown against Millsap College in a 2007 Division 3 game. See if you can count them all (and don’t be fooled by the fake that then results in a tackle. The ball has already been successfully tossed by then. Keep a sharp eye!).

You Want Records? We Got ‘Em Here

Imagine passing 734 yards in a single game. Texas Tech Red Raiders’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes did just that in an October 22 game against the Oklahoma Sooners.

David Klingler holds the record for most touchdowns made in a single game, when the University of Houston Cougars’ quarterback made 11 touchdown passes in the November 17, 1990 game against Eastern Washington University. Those 11 passes also mean he holds the record for most points in a single game: 66 points.

Think about this: E.J. Henderson made an average of almost nine single tackles per game during his college career with the University of Maryland Terrapins. What’s more, he holds three NCAA records: the aforementioned single tackles record, the season unassisted tackles record (135 tackles in 2002) and the record for career total tackles per game (12.5).

Biggest Blowout Ever

Imagine you’re a member of tiny Cumberland College’s football team in 1915. One of your games is a 22-0 rout of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Still, the powers that be at Cumberland decide to discontinue football after that season.

The following year, Georgia Tech coach John Heisman (with vengeance in mind) insists that your team play the scheduled game.  What do you do? You gamely suit up!  The result? A 222-point loss to Heisman’s Yellow Jackets on October 16, 1916!

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