The Detroit Piston’s Have Finally Found Their Home

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If you’re a fan of Detroit sports, you’ve probably heard about the highly anticipated Little Caesar’s Arena construction, and the influence this new sports hall is having on the city of Detroit, it’s community members, and their professional teams.  The new, re-designed arena is set to open in September of 2017, just in time for an exciting new year for sports!


In addition to the Detroit Red Wings, the Piston’s owner, Tom Gores, has announced that the Pistons will be joining the Wings in their move to the new arena.  This will be the first time in roughly 40 years that all four professional Detroit teams will be playing in their team’s city.  Detroit will also be the only North American city to have all of their professional teams playing within blocks of each other, pretty cool, huh?  


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The Piston’s have jumped from city to city over the years.  From Detroit, to Pontiac, to Auburn Hills, and now back to Detroit again.  This will be the 29th, and final season they will spend in the Palace of Auburn Hills, and sentiments are high.  That being said, the players could not be happier to move downtown.  


Andre Drummond, center for the Pistons, gave a statement about how important this move is to the team…


“With that news coming out, it’s huge,” he said. “It’s like everybody’s energy, their vibe, their excitement, their love for the team is going through the roof. Everybody is excited about us coming downtown.”


“I thank everybody for supporting me all these years, and now that we are going downtown, I think that our support rate and our fan rate is going to skyrocket because everybody that really supports the Pistons is going to be there.” (Detroit Pistons Players Thrilled About Move Downtown, freep.com)


Interested in seeing a virtual tour of the new arena?


The new Little Caesars Arena is helping to rebuild the city of Detroit, much like the Pistons are rebuilding their image as a team.  The revitalization of Detroit has fans excited for the new move.  With more pre and post game dining opportunities around the city, and a shorter travel time for locals, fans are all-in on this transition for the team.  With the city of Detroit gradually transitioning to a younger crowd, the Piston’s are hoping their move will help increase fan attendance with a younger generation.


With the move back to Detroit, the Piston’s have some plans to help the growth of personal success with community members, as well as, the city.  These plans include hosting free youth basketball events and clinics to help promote basketball with younger kids, as well as, providing mentorships for Detroit’s youth.  The team has also agreed to hire Detroit citizens to help build their practice facility, and have agreed to partner at least 30% construction contracts with Detroit-based companies. (Detroit Pistons Moving Downtown: ‘We Want to be All in  on Detroit,’ freep.com)


There are also plans for building a parking garage kitty corner to the new arena, which should help with the costly price of parking that has taken place in the city in the past, and provide a more secure housing for fan’s vehicles.


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