8 Fabulous Fan Fails (GIF Gallery)


Beer Shower

Beer went everywhere and no one caught the foul ball. But hey, at least they got a nice, cold shower.


Great Crowd for Baseball

A routine ground ball is nicely fielded to get the out at first base and end the inning. The ecstatic crowd cheers as Chris Davis tosses the ball up into the stands for one lucky fan.


“Put me in coach”

This little guy shows off his arm- only to his mother’s disappointment- and probably the generous guy who gave him the ball as well.


Home Run

That one’s outta here!… The beer, that is.


Cake Knockout

Nothing like getting smacked in the face with cake while your team is losing. That’s a double fail.


Belly Flop

A 0/10 on the dunk but a 10/10 on the belly flop.


Eye Poke

This little guy pokes himself in the eye out of excitement but he doesn’t let that stop him from cheering.


You mad?

Anger. Just pure anger.

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