How Pro Sports Organizations Leverage Social Media


Sports are unscripted, unpredictable, and provide real-time entertainment. Social media is the perfect opportunity to provide live fan engagement.

Capture and share what the fans want to see

The culture surrounding the NBA is extremely influential. The fashion statements, trendy celebrations, one-liners and spectacular plays are a handful of attractions that generate audience appeal. Fans love to see the details that go beyond the game.

The social media team for the Brooklyn Nets, during game-day warm-up, records videos, creates memes, captures images and shares all of the action. In return, this content helps to build the team brand, push ticket sales and promote merchandise opportunities.

Keep fans informed

News travels faster than ever. Injury updates, performance stats, game schedules and exclusive offers can be seen in a heartbeat. According to a Catalyst survey that measured the use of different social media platforms to discuss sports, 73% of respondents were active on Facebook, 52% used YouTube, and 33% used Twitter. Having a presence across all of these platforms will provide the best social reach for each fan to engage in his or her preferred way.

Provide creative experiences

Many teams and organizations are providing creative experiences for their fans. The NHL collaborated with GoPro to give fans a new view. The resulting videos were shared on YouTube and quickly went viral to generate millions of hits. The Atlanta Hawks held a promotional Tinder night at their stadium to give fans a unique experience. They succeeded in engaging their audience and also ended-up earning national media attention for their efforts.

The growing popularity of fantasy competition is evidence that fans also want to compete with other fans. Our new sports fan competition and engagement platform Fantelope creates an environment for competition that focuses on showing love for your favorite teams by offering fans the ability to earn points, win prizes and gain recognition for their fandom, while sparring with their buddies.
For the best fan engagement, your social media should showcase your team’s uniqueness, keep fans informed, and provide new interesting experiences. Mobile platforms like Fantelope make sports more fun, as it’s not just on TV it’s on your mobile device and you can work to be the #1 fan for your team.

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