How To Measure Fan Engagement on Social Media


Historically, it has been difficult to measure fan engagement online. Brands have tried to measure popularity with Facebook likes, google trends, the number of retweets, etc. but these are all analyses that raise additional questions that make it hard to know exactly what to do with the data.

In the age of the “Me” generation, businesses are learning that their audience isn’t going to come to them – they have to go to their audience. In the world of sports, approximately 70% of viewers bring their phones to the stadiums, while at home, mobile devices serve as a “second screen” for viewing social media and other game-related material.

Fantelope is the ultimate fan competition and engagement platform that proposes to answer the questions marketers have about measuring engagement on social media. Fantelope provides fans with an all-in-one platform for posting to social media and interacting with their friends and favorite sports teams. Fans are rewarded with points for checking-in, tweeting, uploading pictures and challenging their friends. But besides these fan-oriented perks, Fantelope provides teams with valuable information regarding behavior on social media so they know how best to continue fostering engagement.

What fans are doing and how they are engaging on their mobile devices is valuable information that brands and teams alike can use to improve game time experience. But monitoring and analyzing fan engagement on social media can be tricky without the help of a specialized platform. Teams should make sure that they are meeting the audience where they engage, and that means evolving with the tools.

Recently, AFC Ann Arbor, a minor league soccer team utilized Fantelope to increase their social engagement and more. Download the free AFC Case Study to learn how AFC Ann Arbor used Fantelope to measure fan engagement, drive traffic towards sponsors and promote event spirit.


Featured Image Credit: Photo by mkhmarketing // CC BY

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