Major League Sports Teams Losing Fans at the Highest Rate


Sports attendance is volatile. The number of fans attending sports venues changes on a regular bases depending on how well the teams are doing. For some teams, this isn’t a problem with occasional rise and fall. However for some teams, they experienced attendance drought for several years.

Top 10 major league teams with the most loss in attendance (2001 to 2010):

  1. Cleveland Indians (MLB) – 56.08%
  2. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) – 44.00%
  3. Seattle Mariners (MLB) – 40.54%
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) – 33.78%
  5. Oakland Athletics (MLB) – 33.51%
  6. Detroit Lions (NFL) – 25.18%
  7. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB) – 25.05%
  8. Philadelphia 76’ers (NBA) – 24.94%
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) – 24.78%
  10. Indiana Pacers (NBA) – 24.32%


These figures are few years off, but nonetheless none of these teams have dramatically increased their numbers. Could these sports teams disappear in the foreseeable future? Let’s hope not!

Much of the reason why there is a lack of an attendance is due to team performance. Yet, even if the the teams placed last in their conference, why are there still fans coming to each of the games knowing their team will probably lose? Well, there is just something unexplainable about die-hard fans. They’re able to really identify themselves with their teams.

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