MVP Coming

Derek Mehraban

Fantelope had great success with the University of Detroit Mercy. Fans loved it and our awesome clients loved it too. Fans were able to earn points and win rewards! It was great and we thank University of Detroit Mercy Titans for being our first collegiate client!

Our team at Fantelope also learned a lot during the past six months. We learned that College Sports Marketing teams are busy, very busy. We learned that the way the app was built, where we had to add challenges and events and manage everything for the university, was very time consuming for our team. We learned that fans do like to participate and earn points for their teams. But the way Fantelope was, we needed more teams as customers to make it work.

So, based on what we learned we are rebuilding our app. Better, faster, easier to use. You could say it’s an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). With the new Fantelope app you will be able to choose your 5 Favorite teams (college or pro). And you can earn points by Checking in to watch the game, sharing on Twitter, or sharing on Facebook. It will be simple and easy to use. Then you can see a leaderboard of how you rank against the herd. That’s it. Simple and to the point.

Our goal is to make Fantelope for the fans. We want to get fans on board and then we will sign teams after that. We feel Fantelope is unique in it’s ability to engage fans.

Fantelope will take fans from passive to active. Fans will actively show their love for their teams   It will get fans off the couch and get them in the game.  Fans become the flag bearers who plant their stakes all over the world.  As fans strive to become the number one fan, they are mobilized on behalf of their teams…rallying and working all over the world for the teams they love!

We can’t wait to have you try our new app coming late May, early June 2017. Stay tuned!

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