Sports App 2.0 Launched

Derek Mehraban

Fantelope is Finally Here

Fantelope the sports app you’ve been waiting for has finally launched version 2.0. And even though this is considered our MVP (minimum viable product) it’s a solid app that has huge potential. We are hoping that you the sports fan will use it, enjoy it, earn some great rewards, and give us feedback as we grow our sports tech startup. Download Fantelope now to see for yourself.

I want to give a big thank you to all the people who made Fantelope possible. It’s been a long road to get here and really the journey has just begun. We plan to continue to raise money to grow our company and improve our product. We need you to Join the Herd, download Fantelope and start earning points. Let’s do this!

Big Thanks to Fantelope Team

  • Anthony Wentzel and Catapult Interactive in Los Angeles. Anthony leads a talented team of developers who have gone above and beyond to build a solid platform for Fantelope. Once you download our mobile app you will see how easy it is to choose teams, share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and check in at sporting events or the sports bar. Catapult is a valued partner and talented app development company.
  • Scott Hauman was our naming expert who came up with the name Fantelope and helped build the DNA of the brand in collaboration with our team at Fantelope. Scott is the most gifted marketing strategist and brand naming professional I have ever met. And I’m glad to call him a friend. He is now in Dallas, TX working for some big company and they are lucky to have him. We miss in in A2 I can tell you.
  • Jeremiah Hergott, Mitchell Sweet and the entire sports marketing team at University of Detroit Mercy. UD Mercy was the first university to sign on with Fantelope and they provided us an excellent test case for our first client and Fantelope 1.0. Thanks guys for believing in us, and we look forward to a continued partnership as we grow Fantelope and help you grow your fan engagement at the University of Detroit.
  • AFC Ann Arbor – Jamey Amrine, Rishi Narayan, owner of Underground Printing, Rohit Narayan, Big Ten Burrito’s Adam Lowenstein and Justin Herrick, Pakmode Media and Marketing’s Bilal Saeed, AFC player Knox Cameron, Matthew Altruda of Tree Town Sound and Michal Lorenc. This ownership team gave Fantelope a shot at being their fan engagement app during our Beta Launch. We are grateful for the chance and look forward to working with AFC Ann Arbor in the future as they continue to bring great soccer to Ann Arbor.
  • Ann Arbor Spark including Bill Mayer, Ben Harrington and the entire team. Spark has awarded Fantelope grants of $10K and $31.5K to hire local vendors and help our startup get off the ground. We are grateful for the funds and look forward to working with Spark as we grow our Tech Startup in Ann Arbor.
  • Here is a big list of others who have supported Fantelope: Satish Malnaik, Andrew Fine, Amy Pienta Mehraban, Darius, Mehraban, Lara Shalov Mehraban, Henry and Connie Mehraban, Lucy and Abby Mehraban, Kyle Feliks, Rich Chang, John Wright, Ross Johnson, Wayne Eaker, Melissa Armstrong, Zach Gilbert, Dan Lee, Kirk Evenson, Sophian and Juliana Kurniawan, Matthew Growney, Donald Sweeney, Steven Schwartz, John Hoinville, Carrie Leahy, Dick Beedon, Scott Swartout and I’m sure many more that I’m forgetting.

What’s Next for Fantelope

Fantelope is launching social ambassador programs at Big Ten, SEC and other major universities this fall. We will have game day events at the Michigan State vs. Notre Dame and Michigan vs. Michigan State football games. We are also seeking $300K in convertible debt financing to grow app users and improve our product over the next six months. And we are applying for startup competitions (Rise of the Rest, Accelerate Michigan and more) to earn funds and exposure as we launch our Sports Tech Startup – Fantelope.

I hope you Join the Herd and download Fantelope today!

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