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Sports App 2.0 Launched

Fantelope is Finally Here Fantelope the sports app you’ve been waiting for has finally launched version 2.0. And even though this is considered our MVP (minimum viable product) it’s a solid app that has huge potential. We are hoping that you the sports fan will use it, enjoy it, earn some great rewards, and give […]


Fan Engagement App is Now Live

The World’s Ultimate Fan Competition and Engagement Platform has finally arrived. Fantelope is available in the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Thanks to everyone who helped make Fantelope possible. We are super excited to start improving fan engagement for local soccer clubs this spring. The first soccer club to sign on with Fantelope is AFC Ann Arbor. AFC […]


Make the Most of Your Rivalries

What is a rivalry between two sports teams actually worth? On the surface, rivalry ultimately results in bragging rights [link to bragging rights blog]. For marketers and sports teams, rivalry is what drives fan engagement and increases demand for tickets. At the heart of marketing is the ability to recognize the primitive subconscious processes that […]


How To Measure Fan Engagement on Social Media

Historically, it has been difficult to measure fan engagement online. Brands have tried to measure popularity with Facebook likes, google trends, the number of retweets, etc. but these are all analyses that raise additional questions that make it hard to know exactly what to do with the data. In the age of the “Me” generation, […]