Thankful at Thanksgiving

Derek Mehraban

Fantelope has much to be thankful for this year. Since we are a sports fan engagement startup we have had many people help us over the last couple years to get to where we are today. And for that I want to personally thank you!

For my co-founder Satish, who is super smart and helps make Fantelope a better company every day!

To Andrew Fine, who has helped us along the way and always brings a positive spin and idea for what’s next.

For Anthony and his team at Catapult Interactive, who have built a solid app for us, and it’s only the beginning.

For our investors Darius and Lara for helping make this dream possible. And for all my family members, parents, wife, kids, who make every day great and make it easier for me to get up and work hard to make the dream a reality.

For my team at Ingenex, Tammy, Zach, Julie, John and Michelle who have helped market and promote Fantelope and make it look great online.

For Ann Arbor Spark who has given us grants to spend with great Ann Arbor companies like Bodman and Alfa Jango.

To University of Detroit Mercy, AFC Ann Arbor and all the fans who have used our app and helped us get to where we are today. Thank you!

As we push forward with Fantelope to improve our product, we are raising more $$$, we are working to grow fans, and get more teams using our mobile app and platform. I am thinking 2018 is going to be a very good (and interesting) year. Here’s to it!

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