Top Examples of Extraordinary Fan Engagement


Fan engagement is evolving. With the growth of social media, teams are looking for more unique and creative ways to engage their fans before, during, and after games. Although common methods of fan engagement like in-game trivia and contests, tailgate parties, kiss cams, and interviews on the big screen help to entertain fans, these routines get old and fail to stand out among the array of extraordinary engagement that teams are now executing.

We’ve taken the liberty to collect and share some of our favorite examples of creative fan engagement.

Manchester City F.C.

Not only is Manchester City a top club in the Premier League, but they also boast an impressive background for fan engagement. Their social media profiles are active in keeping fans updated with fresh and entertaining content. But they are set apart by their ability to interact with their fans by maintaining conversations on social networks through regular replies and retweets. Manchester City’s Twitter personalizes their messages with fans and shows off a fun personality to their brand.


With video contests like these, Manchester City FC really raises the bar for fan engagement:

And if that isn’t enough, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium was the first one in England to integrate high speed wireless internet access for their fans, an increasingly essential component for fan experiences.


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks take their fans seriously. In fact, their fans are valued almost as much as their players, earning a spot on the Seattle roster as the “12th man”. Commonly referred to as the 12s, Seattle’s fans are known for their overpowering crowd noise at CenturyLink Field having registered a decibel reading of 137.6, the second highest in the world. With arguably having some of the best fans in the NFL, Seattle makes sure their fans know that they are extremely valued.

As a tradition, the 12 Flag is raised before every kickoff at CenturyLink Field by honored seasons ticket holders and fans. The 12s even receive recognition directly from Seattle executives. Past President Mike McCormack retired the number 12 jersey in a tribute to the fans and Head Coach Pete Carroll endorsed his fanbase saying “The 12s have an unparalleled impact on game days”. In addition, the Seahawks maintain social media tagboards where they recognize 12s in service to the country and encourage their fans to show off their Seahawks pride.


photo credit: Fans via photopin (license)


College Football Playoffs


Image Courtesy of: www.usatoday.com


The inaugural College Football Playoffs in 2014 redefined the championship game from a simply a game to an incredibly social fan experience. The CFP aimed to incorporate social media into every aspect of the fans’ event experience.

From the moment fans arrived in North Texas, they were surrounded by pre-game entertainment and various social pieces. To attribute to the social experience, Postano created 4 fan activation areas and over 22 social visualizations over 50 screens. To even further surround fans in this ultimate social experience, a fan festival and a tailgate party was held where large displays with fan posts could be seen. Engaging fans with voting contests, the CFP featured a social soundtrack with three songs through Twitter and a social battle between the two teams’ official hashtags #GoBucks and #GoDucks.

The CFP experienced tremendous results with a massive spike of social media activity. Their plan to transform the digital fan experience paid off as they created a new brand for CFP and a new way for fans to experience the thrill of college football.
As fan engagement continues to evolve, teams are looking for new and creative ways to get their fans closer to the team and enhance their fan experience. With the new Fantelope fan engagement platform, fans will be able to show off their team pride like never before. Fans will be able to engage with their favorite teams through exciting fandom competition and challenges. Coming summer 2015, Fantelope will be available for high school, college and professional sports teams.
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  1. This article uses an image of the Seattle Sounders NOT the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks do some impressive things but that is a Sounders pic and they do some even better fan engagement!

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