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Derek Mehraban

Fantelope is coming! The worlds ultimate fan competition and engagement platform will soon be available in the App stores. And it’s going to make an impact by amplifying your fanbase. You have passionate fans for your teams, and Fantelope is that app that helps them be heard and rewards them for being great fans.

Every time one of your sports fans shares a post on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram through the Fantelope app they earn points and Grow Their Horns toward being the top fan of your team. How does that benefit the teams? By encouraging and rewarding fans for sharing content about their favorite teams.

Fantelope Amplifies Fan Engagement

Fans earn points for checking in to watch their favorite teams.

Fans also get rewarded for checking in to watch the game. Whether they check in at your stadium or the local sports bar, fans get points, and we track that data for teams. Now teams will know who their top fans are. And teams that engage with Fantelope will have the extra ability to track fan checkins around the globe.

The new Fantelope will be in the IOS App Store soon. It’s an MVP product, which means it’s not super fancy. But it has key features that will empower fans and inform teams. We amplify your fans and increase the buzz around your team.

Fans can choose from Professional (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) teams or College Teams (All Division 1 Schools) and pick their five favorite teams. Fans can then share content through the Fantelope app that has simple #hashtags associated to the post. One for the team, one for the league or division, and one for Fantelope. If they share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they earn points. If they share a link to download Fantelope they get even more points. Fans can use those points for bragging rights against the herd. And eventually for rewards and prizes (coming soon).

Teams will have to pay to gain access to the custom Fantelope team dashboard. But when they do, they will have the ability to make special offers to fans, reward fans for all they do, and push notifications for important events and game day news. Teams are going to love Fantelope. And Fans will love having all their favorite teams in one easy to use app that rewards being a great fan!

So Join the Herd and download Fantelope once we launch. Your herd is waiting for you!

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