Using Influence and Audience to Change the World

Fantelope is a platform for Changemakers and designers to collaborate and change the world for the benefit of humankind.

How Fantelope Works

Together we rise. Together we can make an impact. Join the Herd and make a change in the world. The Fantelope platform is ready for you.


Celebrity Changemakers apply to join the herd and identify a charity they want to support.

Designer Collaboration

We pair celebrities with up and coming artists to collaborate on creating a one of a kind product for promotion.


We combine our networks of influence and promote the product to a large amount of people, generating sales and awareness.

Improve the world

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charities in need. And then we do it all over again.

A platform you can trust

Fantelope was launched during the global pandemic. A reminder that we need to use our power for good to help others and improve the world.

Registered B-Corporation

Our mission to help local charities and those who need a helping hand.

You choose your charity

We will work with your favorite local charity and can launch products to support each charity.

Low time commitment

You have lots on your plate, we’ve designed the process to be high impact, low time commitment.

The Fantelope Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Satish Malnaik


Jane Ford

Community Connector

Antonio Agee

Artist in Residence

Registered B-Corporation

Our mission to help local charities and those who need a helping hand.

Celebrity Changemakers

You’ve made it. You have a huge social media following. You’re rich. You’re freaking famous! Are you ready to give back and use your power for good?

Up and coming designers

You have ideas and are ready to design the next amazing product for Fantelope. Join the herd and make something that impacts humankind in the best way.

Charities in need

We offer the perfect way to gain awareness with a national audience. Fantelope can shine a light on your activities and provide funding that wasn’t there before.

I have fame and money, but neither of those things matters to me. It’s what you do with that fame and money that counts. Fame and money should be there only as the resources to the end goal, which is to help improve the lives of others.

Draymond Green

Apply to join the herd

Let’s be honest. We need you. You’re a Changemaker and you are ready to make an impact. Apply to join the herd today.

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