Fantelope is a B-Corporation, Donating a percentage of its Profits to Local Charities in Need.

Everything on Fantelope is unique and made in the USA. We feature up and coming designers and celebrities and famous athletes who want to use their power for good.

The Fantelope Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Mehraban is 47 years old and 23 years sober. 47 is cool because that was the channel number for MTV back in the day. And 23 is the number Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Draymond Green wear. You could say it’s a good year to launch the new Fantelope Company. Mehraban is a serial entrepreneur who likes to surround himself with people smarter than himself. He is a huge Phish fan, along with Logic, Radiohead, Tyler the Creator, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Satish Malnaik


Satish believes a word that defines him a degree, and the mantra he aspires to live by, is being a catalyst: an agent that provokes and speeds change or action. His personal and professional journey as a tech engineered people-loving entrepreneur with multifaceted interests has been the foundation to his contribution as a leader and inspiration to organizations, startups and communities. Fostering creativity and channeling collective energies for the good is his new manifesto. A motorcyle ride discovering the country would be his ultimate recharge.

Jane Ford

Community Connector

Dynamic. Can you get your self-description down to one word? If so, that’s Jane. Her passion lies in making meaningful connections, seeking collaboration over competition and consistently doing the work to uplift & inspire. With an early career in advertising & marketing, she eventually landed in non-profit fundraising, finding the true meaning of service & purpose-driven work which she had been seeking for so long. Jane lives & plays in Ann Arbor, developing content for her wellness blog The Remedy, keeping a fit mind and body with a mix of yoga, Crossfit, walks in nature, reading, writing and dancing to the bass beats.

Antonio Agee

Artist in Residence

Antonio “Shades” Agee, a passionate Detroit native and public figure, (now living in Berlin, Germany) was an active participant in the creation of the Detroit graffiti scene as one of the first documented graffiti artists in the city. Growing up in the Motor City, Shades has drawn invaluable influence from his father, a successful jazz musician. Being surrounded by the sounds of legends like Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra shaped his early years, implanting an appreciation for the arts while inspiring further creativity.

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