AFC Ann Arbor Fan Rewards App

Derek Mehraban

AFC Ann Arbor is NOW on the Fantelope App.

AFC Ann Arbor has been a long time supporter of Fantelope. And with the launch of our new app, they are a featured local team.

Earn Points and Rewards for Being a Great Fan!

Download Fantelope for your iPhone, choose AFC Ann Arbor from our list of local teams, it’s that easy. Swipe left to start earning points and prizes.

  • Share on Twitter for max points – Paste hashtags and share an image with the AFC logo!
  • Share on Facebook and show your friends you’re at the big game!
  • Share on Instagram and your photos will have the AFC logo, plus you earn points!
  • Check-in once per day to earn points for AFC Prizes.
  • Click on the Prize Tab to see what you can win.

AFC Ann Arbor is playing at Skyline High School this season. The team is looking good, and the action is going to be great!

Fantelope plans to attend the big game on Sunday, May 13 against Detroit City FC. That’s Mother’s Day. So bring Mom to the game and make it a fun Sunday outing.

AFC Needs Your Support to BEAT Detroit City FC!

Get your tickets now for AFC Ann Arbor, and check out their amazing gear on their website. AFC Ann Arbor is a longtime friend of Fantelope. We did our first pilot with them, and we are not proud to have them as a client as we grow our fan engagement app and bring on more teams and fans.

Join the Herd and download Fantelope today! And be sure to look for us at AFC Ann Arbor games this spring and summer.

Photo credits: AFC Ann Arbor and Bank of Ann Arbor

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