Charities Wanted

Fantelope is looking to partner with local not-for-profit organizations making an impact in their communities. We want to support the great organizations on the front lines to help others, the ones who don’t get all the attention. And we want to give you attention and send money your way too!

A platform you can trust

Fantelope was launched during the global pandemic. A reminder that we need to use our power for good to help others and improve the world.


Increased Exposure

We shine a light on your NonProfit, showcasing how you help and who you help. When people buy from Fantelope, they will learn about your local charity and some of the profits from the sale will go to your charity.

New Revenue Source

We expand and grow revenue for you. Fantelope works hard to sell products and is dedicated to bringing additional revenue to your charity. Let’s find the most famous changemaker you know and make something!

Partner With Changemakers

You may have a friend you went to school with who made it big. Maybe it’s a relative. Let’s create a product and promote it and make some serious waves and positive impact for your organization.

Join the Future of Giving

It’s hard to ask for money. Fantelope makes it easy. We sell amazing products, designed by artists and changemakers and promoted on social media. We are the future of giving.

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