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Frequently Asked Questions
Who gets the money for non-profits?
Fantelope donates a percentage of profits to local charities. We partner with a variety of charities, or the celebrity hero is welcome to suggest a local charity they want to support.
How do the Changemakers get paid?
Any celebrity changemaker who works with Fantelope and promotes a product earns royalties for their support and work. They have the option to keep the royalties, or donate them to the charity we are working with for that product. It’s up to them!
How do designers and artists get paid?
Fantelope works with up and coming designers to create amazing products. We work out any fees or royalties directly with designers. And of course, they have the option of donating their fees to the charity as a tax deduction., or keeping them. We have all types of designers and some could use the boost and exposure for their new businesses!
Why did you start Fantelope?
We were looking for a way to give back, to make the world a better place. We know that it’s tough to donate to charity sometimes. But if we make it fun, and give you a great product to buy, then your contribution to charity is no big deal and everyone wins. We also wanted to shine a light on smaller, local charities.