11 Big Ten Super Fans


Iowa: George “Tommy” Thompson

Iowa’s super fan, George “Tommy” Thompson, 86, passed away last March after attending 751 Iowa Hawkeye football games. Tommy Thompson attended a record amount of games and was a die-hard Iowa Football super fan.

Maryland: Joel Ryerson


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Joel Ryerson is the University of Maryland’s most well respected super fan. Bobby Ross, former football head coach said, “There’s no question about it, he’s the number one fan at the University of Maryland and has been for many years.”


Michigan: The Wolverine Strooper


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The Wolverine Strooper is commonly seen at all Michigan sporting events. He sports a head-to-toe storm trooper costume adorned with Michigan colors and logos. Not only is he a fan, he volunteers at C.S. Mott’s Children’s Hospital.

Michigan State: John Sheldon


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John Sheldon, MSU super fan, started attending almost every sporting event as a Spartan student in 1993, painted green from head to toe. Years later, he’s still going strong. You can find him on game days in full body paint with a giant white “S” on his chest.  Former MSU head coach, Nick Saban once said: “John Spirit fits the definition of a super fan.”


Minnesota: The “Twelth Man” Legend

The first recorded use of the term “twelfth man” was a magazine published by the University of Minnesota in September, 1900, that referred to “the mysterious influence of the twelfth man on the team, the rooter. This term has become a football wide term, popularized by NFL Fan Clubs.

Nebraska: Jack Hoffman


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Jack Hoffman is only 9 years old and is known as Nebraska’s tinniest super fan. He was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer and was awarded an the Best Moment ESPY for entering s game during the fourth quarter and ran for a 69 yards touchdown that received national and international attention

Northwestern: Seth Bernstein


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Seth Bernstein, also known as the Deposit Guy, became Northwestern’s Basketball superan through yelling obscenities at the opposing team. He holds up signs and cutouts that often deter the opposing team from scoring, in fact, Tim Hardaway Jr. missed five of his three pointers in a row due to Bernstein’s distractions.

Ohio State: John Chubb


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John Chubb, also known as Buck-I-Guy, has become one of the most recognizable faces in the crowd at OSU games with his 10-gallon hat, 6-foot-cape, painted-red mustache, under-eye stickers, sunglasses. He now attends regular community events in and around Columbus, Ohio.


Penn State: Bob Witt

Christmas lights and collegiate teams don’t always go hand-in-hand, but Bob Witt, a Penn State super fan proves it can be done. Every Black Friday, Bob Witt sets his christmas lights set to the Penn State fight song, as performed by the school’s Blue Band.


Purdue: Wendell Wonka


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Wendell Wonka, known as The King, is the supreme super fan. He drives over 16 hours to see every Purdue football game and hasn’t missed a game in over 35 years. He dons a pharaoh’s hat and garners respect from all Purdue Athletics fans.


Wisconsin: Phil Dzick


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The Sweater Guy, Phil Dzick, has been attending Wisconsin Football, Basketball, and Hockey games since his time as an undergrad. He was even pictured on the Men’s Hockey poster due to his undying fandom to all things UW.

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