Fleece & Thank You is a non-profit organization that offers a blanket-making program. The Founder, Nicholas Kristock, believes every child deserves to feel connected and be able to look forward to something that will keep children and families hopeful during their hospital stay. For every Fleece & Thank You we connect our blanket makers directly to the patient in the hospital that receives the comfort they make. 

Through the Fleece & Thank You program, you can help be the sidekick that heroes need. For many of the patients and their families, this is a room they do not want to be in and a diagnosis they do not understand. It’s not their bed, not their sheets, not their pillow, and not their “normal.” Fleece & Thank you wants to give kids and their families one of the first reasons to smile during an uncertain time, one of the first reasons to have hope when they see something bright and colorful waiting for them on the bed.

To learn more, visit Fleece & Thank You or contact them.