The Future of Fan Engagement

Derek Mehraban

Fan engagement for sports is about to change as we know it. Technology is moving fast and fans are moving faster. Sports is changing and the consumption of sports is changing even faster. What will the future of fan engagement look like and how can you keep up and keep your fans engaged?


First question is how can you get fans into the stadium? Yes, we know that watching a game live is a wonderful experience. The crowd, the live action, the feeling of “being there” when something amazing happens. There is nothing like being at the big game when your favorite teams wins, or when a super play happens that everyone sees and you saw it live.

But, going to the game is pricey. If you buy season tickets for a team, that sets you back a pretty penny. And it’s tough to find the time to go to every game on the schedule. If you buy single game tickets on Stubhub, you will pay a very high processing fee that makes it Pricey $$$$ to go to the game. Almost too pricey. Not to mention paying for parking, food, drinks and more. The live game experience is both wonderful and terrifying.

Fantelope rewards fans for being LIVE at the location. We allow teams to push notifications to fans about deals at the merchandise stands or concessions. Fantelope allows fans to check in and earn points for being at the stadium. And fans can earn points for sharing photos from the game on social media, or buying concessions and team merchandise too. Fantelope documents the whole experience and gives fans a perfect place to share their live game experience with friends and family.


For those who do stay home, Fantelope still provides many ways for them to stay in the game, and earn points for their favorite teams. With Fantelope, fans can “Grow Their Horns” by sharing on social media, engaging with sponsors and visiting sponsor locations, by checking in to watch the game at their home or favorite sports bar. Fantelope makes it more fun, even if you can’t be there live, you can share the experience and be a part of the action.

Teams want to have the ability to immediately connect with fans, to give them information and incentives that make it rewarding to be fans. Sure it’s fun to be a sports fan, but Fantelope takes fan engagement to the next level.


Fantelope also offers fans the ability to follow all their favorite teams and athletes in one mobile app. Now they can follow college and pro teams, and get rewards and incentives for being a great fan. Fan engagement will never be the same. And once Fantelope evolves and grows, Fans will make Fantelope the #1 sports app destination.

Are you ready for the future of Fan Engagement? It’s coming with Fantelope.

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