Go Blue Michigan Basketball Championship

Derek Mehraban

Big day for Michigan Basketball as they prepare for the National Championship game! Michigan fans around the country are so excited for the big game, and let’s hope for an awe inspiring performance from a team that continues to out perform expectations. #GoBlue

It’s a big day for Fantelope too! We just launched the new version of our app and it’s a perfect day to download Fantelope, Join the Herd of your favorite teams, Michigan Wolverines for example, and Grow Your Horns and earn points and prizes!

Fantelope was co-founded by a Michigan Wolverine! And is an Ann Arbor, Michigan company focused on creating the worlds best sports app, giving real rewards to real fans. With Fantelope you pick your five favorite teams and earn points for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or for checking in to watch the game, no matter where you’re watching!

Fantelope Co-Founders Satish Malnaik and Derek Mehraban pose w/ Michigan QB Alum Tom Brady

So today, on this big day for Michigan fans, alumni, and everyone in Ann Arbor and across the country – I ask you. Download the Fantelope app and share a photo of your gameday experience. Use the Hashtag #Fantelope and #GoBlue, we will be watching and we will RT your photo and thanks!

If we all do it, this will be a great moment and could help propel the University of Michigan Basketball team to victory tonight over Villanova. Go Blue!

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