Growing Hope is a non-profit organization that is focused on strengthening and supporting the local food system throughout the Ypsilanti community and beyond. They own and operate a demonstration urban farm, fund and staff the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets, and facilitate programming around home and community gardening, preparing fresh, affordable local produce, and entrepreneurship to youth and adults.

Growing Hope fosters an equitable and sustainable local food system where all people are empowered to grow, sell, buy, prepare, and eat nourishing food. Ypsilanti is a community where all people-particularly those with barriers due to race, class, culture, language, ability, and mobility-have access to nourishing local food that is culturally appropriate and affordable.

Growing Hope has provided support and nourishment to the Ypsilanti food community for over 17 years.

To learn more about Growing Hope visit here or contact Growing Hope.