Hack the Tailgate: 7 Steps to an Epic Event

Derek Mehraban

Just as with clothing, the food, activities, accessories, etc. of a tailgating party go in and out of “fashion.”

What’s more, many people take days – weeks! – to put together the perfect tailgate event.

This must stop and stop now.

Hack That Tailgate!

To help you hack your next tailgate like nobody’s business, we’ve put together seven tips to help you make your tailgate terrific, and with as little stress – and work – as possible.

1. Understand that tickets to the game aren’t a prerequisite.

If your hometown football stadium allows it, you can simply buy a parking ticket to its massive lot, set up “camp,” and….let the tailgating begin!

2. You need just 6 things to hold your basic tailgate.

A minimalist tailgate is still… a tailgate! You needn’t have all the bells and whistles HGTV says you must have (unless you want to, of course).  All you need are:

  • A grill
  • Food (in order of popularity: hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken, and steak)
  • Coolers
  • Chairs
  • Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Great people at your tailgate

Have terrific people there with you and no matter how basic your tailgate accessories are, you’ll still have an event your guests will be discussing for weeks to come (or until you throw your next tailgate)

3. Talking amongst yourselves goes only so far.

In order to have a really great tailgating party, you and your guests will talk to each other about your league, other teams’ scores and their strengths/weaknesses. You’ll prognosticate about the outcome of today’s game, and maybe talk a bit about world peace (kidding!).
But talking can only occupy everyone only so far. Besides, you do it at every tailgate. Time to mix things up with some games.
Here is one of our favorites:
There’s beer pong everywhere. But have you tried the flip cup/flip pong? You can use the same table as beer pong but you can get more people playing because you need at least three people on each side of the table to play. Trust us: hilarity ensues.

4. Keep your friends close and your tailgating buddies closer.

Everyone will need some kind of chair upon which to sit. But instead of offering guests individual chairs, why not encourage them to really mingle and have them sit six in a row, all together in a six-seater foldable bench?

5. Let’s talk food. Lots of food. Recipes, in fact.

Some people believe college and pro sports teams exist just so that people can get together and eat.
So you need food. Lots of food. Great food.
How about mini-BLTs? (See slide 4.) Herbed chicken and hot-pepper sandwiches (slide 13)? Chili and cornbread? In a jar!? (Slide 14.)

6. To REALLY hack a tailgate, have someone else do all the work.

And, no, we’re not talking about your spouse! He/she deserves to enjoy the tailgate experience, too. Companies exist today that will do all the work of creating, cooking the food, bringing the drinks, set up your tailgate “camp,” even coming up with a theme and games for your tailgate! Just Google “tailgate caterers Your City” and let someone else do all the prepping, planning, set up, and clean up. Now your spouse can play flip pong, too!

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