Instagram Takeover Update

Nicole Munger

Hi, my name is Nicole Munger and I am a junior at Michigan and a member of the women’s basketball team.  This spring, I am also working as an intern at Fantelope. The project I am heading is the ‘Fantelope Instagram Takeover.’  So far, we have had six college athletic teams takeover our page.

      -Michigan Women’s Basketball

      -Binghamton (NY) Women’s Basketball

      -Jefferson (PA) Women’s Basketball

      -Ursinus (PA) Track and Field/Cross Country

      -Colgate (NY) Women’s Basketball

      -Scranton (PA) Women’s Basketball

This has been a lot of fun for me seeing all of the other athlete’s pictures and experiences.  It is also rewarding seeing the fan base of Fantelope grow, which was one of my main goals. The athletes have also expressed how much they have gained in the experience, that it has provided a high-quality hands-on experience in the field of small business communications and marketing.  

Here are two of my favorite posts:

Being from Philadelphia and being Wawa’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, I love seeing Colgate WBB players getting to experience it for the first time.  In my opinion, it is the best ‘restaurant’ ever, and I think that they need to open one up in Ann Arbor. Also getting to see the Jefferson WBB team hanging out with Markelle Fultz at the Sixers camp was really cool too.  I am a huge Sixers fan and I’m getting ready to see what they do this year in the NBA Playoffs is exciting.

Overall, the first month and a half of the Fantelope Instagram Takeover has been a lot of fun and very rewarding for me.  I hope that the next month and a half brings the same excitement. We have open spots, so if you know any college athlete (any level/sport) that would be interested please send them to this link.  Thank you for your continued following of the Fantelope Instagram Takeover (#fantelopeinstagramtakeover on Instagram) and I hope you enjoy the second half of the takeover!

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