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Nicole Munger

Hi, my name is Nicole Munger and I recently took over Fantelope’s Instagram for my team!  I am a junior at Michigan and a member of the women’s basketball team. This spring and summer I will also be an intern at Fantelope, so before the NCAA tournament begins we wanted to highlight our team and show some of my favorite pictures!  While working at Fantelope, my internship responsibilities include starting and upkeeping the Fantelope Instagram Takeover, so if you know any student-athlete that may be interested in a one-week mini-internship, please send them to this link to apply!  


As for my team’s takeover, my favorite post was the one of our Jordan 31 Lows.  Over the past two years being Jordan Brand, these are in my opinion the best pair of shoes.  Many people really enjoy the Retros we’ve received, but these are my personal favorite. The “Go Blue” on the back is the coolest detail to me and I believe it makes the shoe stand out.



My second favorite post of our takeover was the one of the Big House after we ran the stairs.  In the summer we have “Friday Fun Days,” which consist of early morning Strength and Conditioning workouts.  Running the stairs is one of our fun conditionings (it’s much better than just running on the court).   Some of our other fun conditionings are tire flips at the football facility, sandpit sprints, as well as ‘beach’ volleyball.  My favorite part of the Big House stairs in the morning is that you get to watch the sunrise over downtown Ann Arbor, it’s beautiful.  The Big House feels big when there are 110,000 screaming people in there, but even bigger when there are only about 20 and you have to run each step.  


Thank you very much for following along on our Instagram Takeover!  We are currently awaiting our fate from the NCAA regarding the big postseason tournament, so tune in Monday night to see if we are lucky enough to get one of the at-large bids and go dancing!  GO BLUE!


-Nicole Munger


2 thoughts on “Michigan WBB Instagram Takeover

  1. Pat Krueger

    The post by Nicole Munger was outstanding. The information and description of University of Michigan Women’s Badketball team on the Fantelope Instagram Takeover was great. GoBlue!

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