One App to Rule Them All

Derek Mehraban

One sports app that has all your teams? Yes. Fans don’t want one app for each team. Fans want all their teams in one app. Fantelope was created for sports fans to give them one app to connect and engage with all their favorite teams.

The Ultimate Sports Tech Mobile App

If you are a true sports fan you could have all your favorite teams in one state. For example Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and Michigan Wolverines. That’s five teams you want to follow and who you regularly watch games, attend games, and share social content. You can do all that in Fantelope.

Space the Final Frontier

It comes down to the question of space on your phone. How many active apps do you really want? One app per team is a PITA. You have to open and login for each team. And often the information is the same as you can find everywhere else. Fantelope gives you all your teams in one spot, so you can save space, and engage with each team w/o having to logout each time. Grow Your Horns and show your teams who their best fans are.

Rewards for Being a Great Fan

With Fantelope you get rewards for being a great fan. You get credit for every check-in, every photo share, every Tweet or Facebook post. You’re a great fan and now your teams will know it. They can track your progress to see which fans have the biggest horns and deserve the most rewards and perks! So start earning points today and get rewarded for being a great fan!

Fantelope will be launching a new version of our app in late July. Soon! So get ready because this summer you can start earning points and show you’re the #1 Fan for your favorite teams. All in one ultimate sports mobile app. Fantelope.

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