Sports Fans and Social Media


Social media has become the most popular scene for sports fans around the world. Whether it’s  pregame, during the game, or postgame, social media channels see spikes in user activity for sporting events.

Youtube is a stream of highlights and bloopers. Twitter is a continuous feed of highlights, analysis and opinions. Facebook is a community of shared content and an online hangout for fans. Instagram, Vine and Pinterest are just a few more of the many social networks that fans use. With so many digital venues, finding the perfect way to reach the right audience of fans can become a challenge for marketers or anyone looking to engage sports fans.

Beyond finding the right place to engage your fans, it is just as important to determine when your fans are active on their social networks and how they are motivated to “like” or “follow” your team. Finding the greatest opportunities for fan engagement can be difficult without knowing the behaviors and tendencies of your fanbase. The first step to engaging your fans on social media is to understand how they use social media.

Catalyst, a marketing communications firm, has spent the past five years studying the habits of sports fans on social networks. They worked with over 2,100 fans between the ages of 16-64 who identified themselves as avid fans of NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, college football and basketball. They surveyed these fans to discover how they use social networks when it comes to sports.

Shown below, Catalyst’s 5th annual Fan Engagement Study provides valuable insight into the growing link between sports and online media.


Catalyst’s 2014 Fan Engagement Study

As the digital sports scene grows, fans will continue to look for greater ways to display their fandom beyond the functionalities of posting, sharing and news feeds. Fan engagement continues to expand and transform with new ways for fans to interact through friendly competition.
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