The Rules of Bragging Rights


What’s the only thing better than beating your rival team? It’s pretty simple – bragging rights. When your team is doing awesome, chances are you’re going to want to brag about it a bit. And why not? There are times and places where it’s perfectly acceptable to boast about your teams’ accomplishments. When it comes to sports, bragging rights are an indisputable part of the game  –  just remember these three rules:

1. Humblebragging is never OK
Just don’t do it.There isn’t much worse than a humble bragger. Humblebragging generally involves veiling something you’re excited about in a complaint and will typically accomplish nothing but aggravating all of your friends and followers on social media.

Many studies show that humblebragging is an ineffective tool for self promotion. While simply bragging about your accomplishments can be respected to a degree, masking your good fortune with a complaint is often perceived as insincere.

Example of humblebragging:
“Our team won by 40 points, but our line couldn’t block worth a darn.”
Don’t do it.

2. Always boast judiciously.
Remember that your team hasn’t always done well and will probably do poorly again at some point. Your ups are somebody else’s downs and what goes around comes around. The scale of your bragging should correspond to how far along in the season it is and how your team is ranked. Always keep it classy.

3. Bragging rights have an expiration date.
OK, so your team won that championship back in 2007. It was awesome and everyone remembers. But that was – wait – how many years ago now? Do people really want to be reminded of that? Celebrating your team’s legacy when it’s doing well can be fun, but bragging rights definitely have an expiration date – a date that typically corresponds to when your luck takes a turn for the worse.

These days people often take their bragging rights to the internet as social networks offer a great platform for showing off team pride. If you have bragging rights, Fantelope is the place to use them – a platform that was designed for friendly competition between fans during your favorite sporting seasons. Fantelope is the world’s ultimate fan competition and engagement platform where you are able to spar with your friends and rivals, participate in challenges to win prizes and grow your horns, and show off your trophy showcase on other social sites. Just remember your proper bragging rights etiquette.

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